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Why Organic Baby Food
My life changed forever when Bella was born. When it was time to give her solid foods, my only choice was to buy jarred baby food which contain preservatives, or are heated to such high temperatures stripping the food of its essential vitamins, nutrients, and true flavors.
Plus, with jarred baby food, I found the selections were limited and flavors were premixed. Companies dictated what food combinations I should feed my baby, and these combinations didn't allow me to properly monitor any allergic reactions she would have. I wanted to be able to mix-n-match any fruit, vegetable or protein to provide Bella with a meal that I wanted to feed her.
So my husband and I decided that Bella would get only the freshest home-made organic food. Each night we would make dinner for ourselves, and Bella, with only organic ingredients. It was fun for us, and then one night it hit me. I decided that we should offer an organic variety, flexibilty, and convenience to the world, and shortly after Bella Baby Foods was born.
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