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Our Unique Packets
Bella Baby Foods convenient 1.5 ounce packets are packaging for today�s parent. Each individual packet is first filled with one of our great nutritional selections, then immediately flash frozen to ensure freshness.
Parents on the go can also enjoy Bella Baby Packets. When on the run, just toss some packets into your bag, and go. By the time you�ve arrived to your destination, Bella Baby Foods is ready to enjoy. Just squeeze into a cup, or spoon right out of the packet.

Bella Baby�s unique packaging protects against freezer odor, freezer burn, and the freshness will transfer directly from your freezer straight to your baby�s clean dish.

For teething babies, Bella Baby Packets are fantastic. Just open the top of the frozen package, wrap with a paper towel, and let babies enjoy quality, organic nutrition while soothing their throbbing gums.
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